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What is NJ Tech Hub?

A community of tech startups and entrepreneurs in New Jersey, for startups and growing tech entrepreneurs, from idea to exit, we support our members through all stages of the journey. We help you find the events and programs you need when you need them, and assist members get access to venture funding. Let us give you the resources you need to scale.

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What we offer?

We strive to provide startup entrepreneurs and growing tech companies a place to collaborate, 

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Coworking 20 hours

Startup founders can get a part-time workspace and be a part of the community. An awesome community to build a startup.

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Coworking 24/7

Growing startups need dedicated desk space and 24/7 access, with all the benefits of working in a community environment.

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Private office 24/7

Teams need their own private space, and yet keep access to the community. Limited private office space is available.

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Server drive space

If your startup needs a server to host your project, renting a HDD or SDD on our servers may be cheaper and better than the cloud.

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Rack Flex

Partial server rack space

Need a full server? Bring your own and host it on our rack. Or rent a server from us. As your company grows, simply add more servers.

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Rack Full

Full server rack space

Full server racks can be rented or use your own. Keep your servers close to your work area for instant server access.

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Unicorns are real!

New Jersey has been missing a startup community hub. So we created one, to bring startup entrepreneurs and tech builders together in a dynamic, fun and useful experience. Contact us today to setup a tour and learn more how you can be more productive and increase your chances of success.