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It all starts with an idea. You know how it is. As the founder of a tech startup myself in New Jersey, I quickly came to realize that there were no good networks of people like me around. Whenever I traveled to Silicon Valley, I loved the conversations I would have with others in the tech industry. The back-and-forth would inspire ideas, help me fine-tune my own thoughts, and were simply so much fun. In New Jersey, that didn't exist. Until now.

NJ Tech Hub is a place where we can work together, problem solve together, and energize from each other, while providing all the resources coders need to achieve success and build amazing things.

Together, we are even better.

– Filipe Pedroso

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NJ Tech Hub is a community for tech startups and entrepreneurs. We don't take equity, invest, or impose any conditions on your membership.

We work exclusively with individuals and companies through a collaborative process and understanding of what they go through, the process of each stage, and the endurance for success.

Our members build tech companies in all verticals in a wide variety of industries. Members support each other, advise each other, and build lasting relationships.

Members benefit from the support structure, availability of resources, flexibility and freedom to create, access to venture capitalists, and a great community of like-minded peers.

Where we are?

NJ Tech Hub is located in Central New Jersey 

Driving time to:
• New York City 42 minutes
• Newark 30 minutes
• Princeton 25 minutes
• Morristown 17 minutes