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Located on a busy highway and brightly lit all around, the data center is ideally located for both convenience and security. We monitor all activity within the data center by video to assure that your servers and data are secure from intruders. Second floor location also hinders improper access.


Our close proximity to the highway, New York City, and various metropolitan areas offer a wide range of options to the major carrier hotels and subsea landing stations in the area – and hosts access to the DE-CIX New York internet exchange.


The data center location has had zero power outages and has a track record of 100% power deliverability over the past one year. Back-up generators available in the unlikely power failure event.


Located on US Highway 22 in Somerville, the data center is easily accessible within minutes from various interstate and highways, such as 287, 78, 202 and 206.


We provide server services that range from startup, line 1 of code, and all the way up to full growth and scale. This means you can start off by renting drive space within a server, move up to a full server, and then a rack, all in a seamless transition within the same location. This facilitates your growth and keeps your budget in line with your precise needs.

Our pricing plans are simple

Whether you need a Docker container or several racks, we got you covered.

DATA CENTER OPTIONS Server Rack Flex Rack Full
  Rent space for container ops
Rent space for container ops
Rent server HDD or SDD drives
Rent server HDD or SDD drives
  Rent a full server
Rent a full server
  Rent rack space/Use own server
Rent rack space/Use own server
  Rent full rack space
Rent full rack space
  Customizable options
Customizable options
Access Daily 9-9 24/7/365 24/7/365
  Price (Monthly)
Price (Monthly) starting at $9+ $79+ $799+
  Price (Yearly)
Price (Yearly) starting at
10% savings
10% savings
10% savings
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Where we are?

NJ Tech Hub is located in Central New Jersey 

Driving time to:
• New York City 42 minutes
• Newark 30 minutes
• Princeton 25 minutes
• Morristown 17 minutes